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Corona testing

The rapid identification of corona infection and rapid contact detection are essential for controlling current spread. Originally, the testing policy focused on people who had symptoms of possible infection with the virus. However, we now know that people can also be infectious even before symptoms appear, and in many people, infection proceeds even without symptoms.

Preventive testing of employees can remove a lot of uncertainty. You take steps to prevent a possible infection, and create peace of mind and certainty within your organization.



MediCorps provides preventive screenings within your company. We discuss with you which testing strategy best suits your company. Employees with corona-like symptoms are tested within 2 hours at home, with immediate results. Employees without complaints are tested preventively at work according to a defined test protocol. This keeps your organization safely open. MediCorps has several corona tests that can be used to test employees at your company.

Antigen rapid test

In the corona strategy, the rapid test is an important asset. MediCorps works with an antigen rapid test (Abbott’s Panbio™ COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test) that provides clarity in as little as 10 minutes. The sensitivity of these tests is very high. Even in early infections and in people who actually have no symptoms. All this makes this test very suitable for frequent checks within your company. The antigen rapid test shows certain spike proteins of the virus in nasal and/or throat mucus. When MediCorps tests with an antigen rapid test there is a turnaround time of 8 to 12 minutes. Because the Omikron variant is detectable later than the other variants, after testing at MediCorps you can be sure you have had a valid antigen rapid test.

Reliability of antigen rapid test

Many stories circulate about the reliability of rapid tests. However, reliability has been extensively tested by science and is considered very reliable (about 99 percent sensitive). The most important factor affecting reliability is the way the test is administered. MediCorps therefore works only with BIG-registered nurses who have undergone specific additional training.

PCR test

To definitively determine if someone within your company has COVID-19, a PCR test is done. A PCR test is used to determine whether someone is carrying the virus. MediCorps works closely with several laboratories in, for example, Utrecht and Haarlem. When the test is sent to the laboratory, you will receive the results within 20 minutes.

We come to your home, business or you can come to our location at Schiphol Airport. We are on location within 2 hours, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Would you like to test within your company?